Welcome to SHRWD

SHRWD is a unique collection of 10,000 Outlaw Squirrels as digital collectibles, based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are not only a beautiful piece of art – by owning them you will support us in developing a never-before-seen fintech application and you will gain the exclusive opportunity to become a future shareholder

Yes, you got it right: this NFT project is our seed funding! Thus, your Outlaw Squirrel is your entry ticket to it and into the Shrwd Forest, which is under their protection and control. 

Read the story about Robin and what’s behind the Outlaw Squirrels and the mission driving the project. The story will continue to unfold in the coming weeks and months – as we work diligently to fulfill our mission.

Our Story

Deep in Shrwd Forest, protected by the lords of the forest – the Outlaw Squirrels – young software developer Robin hides from her pursuers after uncovering the sinister practices of her former employer – a rogue and greedy investment bank. As part of a vast conspiracy, the Internet was to be flooded with software that targeted small investors with misinformation in order to move funds into dark channels.

Since Robin leaked all the backgrounds of the conspiracy and the code of the software she is on the run – from the High Sheriff of Nottingham, a specially established task force of the police, her former employers, and some other dark fellows. But more and more of the brave and eager squirrels are joining in to protect Robin and prevent her camp from being discovered in the depths of the dark forest. Because Robin has big plans: in her hiding place, she is working on an application, which should offer all users the greatest possible transparency on the financial market and provide the best protection against fake news, such as those that her former employer wanted to spread.

Support Robin in her mission by creating more Outlaw Squirrels to protect her and to help her finish her mission before she gets caught! Your own Outlaw Squirrel is your exclusive ticket to Shrwd Forest. This is the only way you will have the opportunity to participate and continue to follow the story of Robin and her friends.

Go to Full Story to read the complete first chapter of Robin’s story.

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Our Mission

According to our roadmap (see below), we are releasing a collection of 10,000 unique Outlaw Squirrels as collectible digital artworks and offering them to the community at various stages.

We are doing this because we love art and an extremely talented artist is part of our founding team. But we also do it because, in addition to creating unique and special NFTs, we have a bigger plan: we want to develop the application that Robin’s story talks about. An app that provides unprecedented market transparency to all investors from small to large. And we’re not just talking about the stock market, but combining insights with crypto and NFTs. Your investment in our NFTs allows Robin and us to complete this software that is already in development.

And we would like to give that back in a double sense. Not only through the NFTs – because everyone who purchases one receives the exclusive right to invest at very special conditions before Series A begins. And that’s not all, in the spirit of our friend Robin, we will continuously donate 10% of our profits to charity.




Our Roadmap


October 1

INITIAL LAUNCH (Date will be announced shortly)

INITIAL LAUNCH (Date will be announced shortly)

We will be dropping our Outlaw Squirrels directly on our website.


What we will drop:
9,995 Outlaw Squirrels
4 will be kept by the SHRWD founders-team
1 very unique one is to be given away to our community


Where is the drop?
Directly on this website. At the time of the drop, the “Mint” button will allow you to connect your Metamask wallet and mint up to 20 Outlaw Squirrels at a time.


Where can I get more info?



October 2



That feels good! And from now on, it’s going to get really exciting too! Once we reach 25% of all available NFTs, we’ll start working full-time to help Robin develop her application!
Who expects to be able to stop the Squirrels now?

October 3



Now we have some more serious funding to get some extra fancy features working. Because we have nothing less planned with our application than to provide something that no one on the market has yet to offer!


Curious what this could be? Well, best you follow our blog at medium.com


Well – and we could buy a cool beanie. Now, just an idea…

October 4



Holy Moly! Time to get out the makeup and change the hairstyle!


Okay, now it’s time to talk about long(er) term plans. In addition to this being awesome for scaling the team up it will also lead us to re-invest some of the funding (meaning, that in the least we keep it as ETH) with the hopes of generating more in the future. All generated profits from this will be distributed to the NFT holders.


As you can see: now it’s getting really serious!

October 5



No words left, speechless.


No worries, we’ll tell you more once we recover from the shock. 🙂

Mint Outlaw Squirrels

There will be 10,000 Outlaw Squirrels for sale, at a mint price of 0.1 ETH.

Start Minting now

We will drop exactly 9,995 Outlaw Squirrels with different characteristics and traits. Some will occur very rarely, others more frequently.  4 will be kept by the SHRWD founders-team and 1 very unique squirrel will be given away to our community (more info to come).

At the time of the drop, you can directly connect your Metamask wallet here on the website and mint up to 5 Outlaw Squirrels.

Our goal is to make you more than just Outlaw Squirrel holders because SHRWD is more than an NFT. This is your pass to become a future shareholder of Sherwood Analytics Inc.

Curious? Then read more about it here:

Sherwood Analytics Inc <-> NFT



Our Principals

The following principles are related to the company behind the SHRWD NFT, Sherwood Analytics Inc.

1. Trust and transparency
We are an open and transparent company. Every question is allowed and will be answered.

2. Giving back
10% of all profits will be donated to charity.

3. Reinvesting
10% of all operating income will be reinvested (stock, crypto, NFT)


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I buying an NFT or investing in a company?
A: Sort of both. You are buying (!) an NFT. It becomes your very own. Now, we are launching the NFTs in an effort to raise funds for our company and as a reward, we are including NFT holders when we issue stock.

Am I a legal shareholder of Sherwood Analytics Inc when I own an NFT?
A: No, absolutely not. However, you are eligible to become a shareholder at a preferred price to our first institutional investors. For example, You can buy up to 100 shares for 1 USD each. VCs, BAs, etc. however pay 3+ USD per share. So you would have doubled your investment already (on paper at least).

Is there risk involved?
A: Absolutely. Anything related to investing, especially in crypto and NFTs involves risk. Do not invest money you need!

When can I become a shareholder of Sherwood Analytics Inc?
A: When an institutional investor (VC, BA, etc.) wants to invest in us in a Series A investment round we will offer all NFT holders to invest at a much lower rate than the investor. Getting the actual shares of our company is a very regulated and complicated process so we haven’t figured out the exact process yet. Rest assured though we will stick to our word and you will get access before big money does.

Can I become a shareholder of Sherwood Analytics Inc. without buying an NFT?
A: Yes, but not quite as easily as through the NFT. Understand that there are legal and administrative restrictions. But we are open to it if you are willing to invest more than $100,000 (USD). Email investors@sherwood.money for more information.


or support@shrwd.io

Our Team

Esra Paola Crugnale

Stunning artist with work featured in international galleries. Has been working in the web and mobile design industry for decades and shares a passion for crypto.

Ralph Kuepper
Initiator & Passionate Investor

Started his first official company at the age of 17. Has been self-employed and working in various startups ever since. Crypto and stock investor for multiple years now and excited to bring his tech expertise to the digital asset space to provide clarity.

Lars Reichelt
Senior “Nerd” Developer

Long-time digital native with a deep passion for the crypto industry. Also a phenomenal software engineer, developer and manager.

Joerg Lichtenberg
Storyteller & PR

Been in the digital space for over 20 years and involved in several startups. Has been telling stories of big brands for many years. This story is his next big brand in the making.